Are you friends with a farmer? Expect the unexpected.

Being friends with a farmer can be quite an experience; to the uninitiated, we farmers are a strange bunch. Don't say I didn't warn you. There may be a surprise birth now and again. Animals are unpredictable and they sometimes catch us off guard. Darn creatures refuse to stick to ... Read more »

Tamarac vs. my fences

Every year, around this time, the Nigerian Dwarf girls come into season, and start wagging their tails at the fence, enticing the boys over like furry sirens with a flurry of hormones and seductive baas. And every year, I stand back, confident that my new and improved fence will remain ... Read more »

Colony rabbits: the good, the bad and the ugly

So I had all these idealistic ideas about how my rabbit colony was going to work. I would have my does loose, to play together and groom and be social, and the buck would be kept separate unless breeding, but close enough that he could still be part of the ... Read more »

My take on "You might be a pregnant farmer if..."

So the other day this crossed my radar, and it made me smile. While I can relate to some of these, I felt I had a little something of my own to add, most slightly more TMI than this list, but nonetheless, all very first-hand. So here's MY two cents ... Read more »

Conversation with an alpaca

Today was a big day on Poppy Creek Farm. This morning, when I went out to do morning milking, I found an itty bitty cria, shivering in a puddle of placenta. Standing over it was its slightly bemused Mama, Annalise, who was humming rather urgently and trying to keep the ... Read more »

Goats: more than milk! (and they're definitely not sheep)

When people see my Angora goats grazing out in the pasture, all horns and ringlet curls practically down to the ground, their response is invariably, "Oh! Cool sheep! What kind are they?" See, when people think of goats, they either think of the pictures of animals they see on Facebook ... Read more »